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205 Live Results:December 5th,2017 Main Event Results:November 29th,2017 Main Event Results:November 22,2017 Main Event Results:September 27th,2017

Ring Name: Gran Metalik
Debut:September 19th,2016
Born: Guadalajara,Jalisco
Birthday: August 24,1988
Mini Bio: Gran Metalik is a Mexican luchador enmascarado currently signed to WWE under the ring name Gran Metalik, and performs under the Raw brand. He is best known for his decade long stint in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre.

   PROJECT 01: RAW  
Role: WWE SuperStar
Years: 2016
Status: Current

   PROJECT 02: 205 LIVE  
Role: WWE SuperStar
Years: 2017
Status: Current

   PROJECT 03: Mainevent  
Status: Current
Role: Hisself

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Metalik’s explosive letter of introduction in WWE, with a single function made it clear that he is going to great things and to rewrite the road that cemented two stars of our country: Rey Mysterio Jr. and Alberto del Rio. “I am prepared to be like Rey or Alberto. I have dedicated myself to 100 percent to grow as a fighter, and with the level I have I feel qualified to be in the best WWE events, but we will prepare much more to become like them, “said the newly exported fighter To the United States in an interview with RECORD. The one known in our country as the Golden Mask showed the great human talent that has the American company of struggle; However, knows that in his debut last Monday in RAW, he showed that he has qualities to dream of mastering any challenge.

“(In WWE) I was amazed by my movements and my dedication to the moment of going out to fight. This year, in which I fought in Japan, I took some lessons. That and the strong style that I am able to offer, they loved in the company and they left with the square eye. “To appear in RAW was a great moment of emotions to the limit, my dreams came true. I know I have to continue to push him, because to represent Mexico is a very big responsibility, but at the same time exciting, “said the tricolor fighter. Even with the excitement to the skin, the Mexican said he was confident of giving the best in his new home. “WWE is the most that can happen to a fighter, anyone wants to get to the big leagues, that’s why I have no nerves, I know I’m going to fight in countries I did not even imagine knowing; But that gives me more confidence to prepare myself and to stay in the memory of people wherever I go, “said Gran Metalik, who added that he feels prepared to face whoever is facing him, always with Mexico in the heart.”

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