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Ring Name: Gran Metalik
Debut:September 19th,2016
Born: Guadalajara,Jalisco
Birthday: August 24,1988
Mini Bio: Gran Metalik is a Mexican luchador enmascarado currently signed to WWE under the ring name Gran Metalik, and performs under the Raw brand. He is best known for his decade long stint in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre.

   PROJECT 01: RAW  
Role: WWE SuperStar
Years: 2016
Status: Current

   PROJECT 02: 205 LIVE  
Role: WWE SuperStar
Years: 2017
Status: Current

   PROJECT 03: Mainevent  
Status: Current
Role: Hisself

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Mexican wrestler Gran Metalik is close to returning to WWE and making his debut on the 205 Live show. During the broadcast of the program this week, it was announced that the fighter formerly known as the Golden Mask will be returning to the company in the near future. Gran Metalik came in second in the Criuserweight Classic (CWC) tournament subsequently signed a contract to join the Cruising Division. On September 19, 2016 appeared in RAW along with Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander and Brian Kendrick with whom he disputed an opportunity for the cruise championship. After that combat returned to Mexico to fulfill commitments with the CMLL. Then he returned to join the Performace Center. Now it is waiting for its debut in 205 Live, which will be given in next dates.

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Mexican wrestler golden mask, has already defined the latest features in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) where he will bid farewell to join WWE.  November 11 will be the last day Golden Mask fuction within CMLL. Mexico City November 11 is the last function in the CMLL Golden Mask Mexican wrestler mask Dorada, has already defined the latest features in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) where he will bid farewell to join WWE. Young Wonder will present the last in the Arena Puebla on Monday, November 7th. The next day say goodbye to the stage where he was born luchísticamente, the Arena Coliseo in Guadalajara. Finally, you will have his last fight at the Arena Mexico on November 11. Golden Mask arrived at the Arena Mexico in 2008 under the name Metalik and in 2011 received the name by which he gained international fame in 2011, Mascarita Dorada hands. Over the years as part of CMLL, he toured Europe, the United States and Japan, where he remained for a year where he was part of the New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). After his big step for the Cruiserweight Classic, where he was runner-up under the name of Great Metalik, Mexico was invited to join WWE, so will bid farewell CMLL next week to join himself to the family company McMahon.


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Welcome to GranMetalikSource.Com, your brand new fansite for WWE Superstar Gran Metalik.Here you will find all the latest news,pictures,updates and more. Make sure to check out the photo gallery for the lastest photos . With all  love,Izzypreviewwp


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The Cruiserweight Classic has come and gone (watch it if you haven’t), and a face from the past has returned to stake his claim on the future. In the debut of Raw’s rebooted Cruiserweight division, a revitalized, crazy-eyed Brian Kendrick stormed past three Superstars — CWC finalist Gran Metalik, fan-favorite Cedric Alexander and charisma incarnate Rich Swann — to become No. 1 contender to T.J. Perkins and the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Credit Kendrick’s veteran instincts for carrying him there, because his opponents certainly pulled out all the stops. Swann nearly knocked Alexander cold with a forearm to the face and executed a jaw-dropping, bouncing 450 Splash, and Alexander and Metalik both took flight with twin over-the-top rope dives. Metalik seemed to have the match when he broke up both Sliced Bread No. 2 and Kendrick’s Captain’s Hook, only Alexander rushed in with the Lumbar Check to take Metalik out, and Kendrick pounced, locking in a second Captain’s Hook on Alexander to force a submission.



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The gladiator assured RECORD seeking to rewrite the way that cemented the two stars the struggle of our country

Flights, sets, keys and talent of Mexican wrestling as a seal was the explosive letter of Gran Metalik in WWE , where a single function made it clear that going for big things and rewrite the way that cemented two stars of our country: Rey Mysterio Jr. and Alberto del Rio .

“I am ready to be a King or Albert . I have dedicated 100 percent to grow as a fighter, and the level that I feel I havecapableto be in the best events of WWE , but we will prepare more to become like them , “he said the newly exported to the United States in an interview with fighter RECORD .

Metalik near the monument to Morelos, in CDMX | RICARDO FLORES

“(WWE) the astonished my movements and my dedication to point out to fight. This year, in which I fought in Japan, I took some lessons. That and the tough style that I can offer, loved in the company and kept the square eye.

“Appearing on RAW was a great moment of emotion to the limit, my dreams came true. I know I have to keep throwing all the enthusiasm, because represent Mexico is a very big responsibility , but exciting time , “said the tricolor fighter.

Even with emotion to the surface, he said Mexico is committed to give the best in your new home.

WWE is the most that can happen to a fighter, anyone wants to get to the big leagues, so I do not have nerves, I know I’ll fight in countries that do not know I imagined; however, that gives me more confidence to prepare and to remain in the memory of people wherever I present , “said Gran Metalik , adding that he feels ready to face whoever is put in front, always with Mexico in the heart.

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